Apr 16, 2011

TCS-ILP: Integration Phase, Gandhinagar Gujarat.

Hiii Again,

I m really sorry that I am sharing my TCS-ILP experience very late. I am very busy with the work here in Mumbai. That's another story I will tell you some other day.

By the end of Induction Phase, I came to know that our batch will be going to reshuffled and again distributed in groups for Integration Phase. Again lots of excitement, lots of curiosity, lots of surprises were waiting for us. On the next day we got the batch streaming schedule from our ILP Co-ordinator.

I got UNIX/C++ Stream. My room mates got EntSol and JAVA respectively , lucky fellows. I was very upset that I got UNIX/C++ stream. Thoughts keep wandering in my mind about what new I am going to learn??? This is the same thing which I know. I was not sure of getting good projects coming out of such stream. I started laughing on the pathetic plight of my expectations.

From Next day onwards our stream specific technical sessions started. There again new faces, new class, new faculty and again we all have to start from beginning. Everyone was having the same kind of frustration level for having UNIX / C++ stream. People learning java have luxury of working in graphics rich compilers and to see their output with colorful screens. But we have only one option with

Unix that is same traditional black screen no graphic interface nothing. Initially these things keep bugging our mind, but as more days went by we came out of frustration. After that we realized UNIX is not a jab of knife. It requires continuous practice and a lot of effort to cope up with UNIX. That made us proud. I was also not knowing that there are more proud moments which are waiting for me in near future.

The Integration Phase is much more interesting than induction phase. We have enjoyed a lot while having sessions with UNIX Instructor. We had so much of fun in integration that we went to our college memories. Our Unix faculty was very intelligent lady I tell you. In integration phase we came to learn Unix, shell scripting, oracle sql/plsql, Pro * C etc. Pro* C was the great thing. It gives us flexibility to connect oracle database with C / C++ programs.

The suggestion I would like to give you for ILP Integration phase is just sit back, relax and go with the rigor of the session, everything will be fine. In the end of integration I had two practical evaluations, one for Oracle and another for Unix. I also had one theory evaluation which is objective type. Don't worry you will be clearing all evaluations easily. Then at our final day I got my release letter and I was supposed to report to TCS Mumbai office after five days. PACK YOUR BAGS, ITS TIME TO GO TO MUMBAI. Now I am in Mumbai working on some banking project. There are so many things that I have to tell you about Mumbai. I will tell you about it on some other day.

Till then

Bi Bi, Namaskar, khuda hafis, sabba khair, tata, sayo nara..............

Chandan Singh


Debasis said...

Gr8 description Chandan Bhai :)

Chandan Kumar Singh said...

ThanX :P

Anonymous said...

Hello Chandan Sir,
My joining date is 24th december 2012, wat am i need to do inorder to get java as a stream. i'm B.tech CSE student and i hate .net more than anything else in the world.
plz reply soon.
thank u in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hello sir...

My joining date is 27th march 2013,can you please tell what are the streams in gandhinagar??I'm btech cse student.I have the scjp cerificate.Also i have good knowledge of linux and php.Plz tell me which stream have better oppurtunities and which one of them will be good for my career.please reply soon..
Thankyou sir

mohd nazar Mubeen said...

Sir can you give some highlight on this technology ? I got this as my tech stream in TCS.

Tanvi Bhatt said...

I got the same stream in my tech lounge course. I belong to non-IT branch . Is it a point to worry for? As I have no idea of this subjects unix/c++/oracle

Chinky said...

What is the work in Entsol stream??